To be a prominent Value Added Services (VAS) provider and media company in Indonesia.


Quattro Media Contindo was established in 2011 as a company with passion in creating in value added services products for our customers through telecommunication providers. Since the inception, Our company grow consistently creating new and innovative products and services telecommunication has offered. Quattro Media Contindo’s foundations had been built and will continue to be strengthened by earning the trust and loyalty of all our clients and partners.


To provide sophisticated, comprehensive, and latest technology in VAS (Value Added Services) products and services as well as media company to our Customers and Telecommunication Operators.

Our Services

Quattro Media Contindo has a range of variety services & product in the area of VAS (Value Added Services) :

Premium SMS

One of many cellphone services that allows us to get the latest information in news, sports, entertainment, latest zodiac readings, lottery prizes, get a personal dial tone, and also being used to pick your favourite contestants in a reality television show and more. Premium SMS is a communication technological development. By simply using a 5-digit number to the destination number you can remember, you can access your choice of service.


Game is exciting and fun. Gaming is a global phenomenon. Electronic games that uses computer media, mobile phone have grown significantly across the globe. Mobile and hand-held devices are one of the platforms chosen by users for its practicality. Generally, Java is used to develop mobile games, but now Flashlite is also being used as developer’s tool for developing mobile gaming.


A large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high traffic areas and busy roads. Billboards present large (in size) advertisements for passing pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. Billboards typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, distinctive visuals, and are highly visible in the top designated market areas. Quattro Media Contindo provides, Front light, Back Light and Digital Billboards.


A service we provide to generate animated images by using computer graphics. Computer-generated imagery encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images, while computer animation only refers to the moving images. We have two types of services: Speed Drawing & Motion Graphics.

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